Why Live at Fort Novosel?

Living at Fort Novosel offers a sense of community, convenience and many amenities commonly found in upscale residential neighborhoods. In addition, on-post living saves you money and allows you to maintain your military lifestyle.  Active-duty service members (single or married) are now eligible to live on-post at Fort Novosel. With multiple floor plan options, most utilities, mowing service, swimming pools, fitness rooms, and computers labs included – on-post living is a great a value. 

The Amenities offered within the installation are unsurpassed in the area, and the level of customer service cannot be beat. The Corvias Property Management team at Fort Novosel is committed to military families. Our goal is to provide homes and communities that improve quality of life, promote a sense of belonging and are a source of pride. Much more than just homes, Corvias Property Management provides communities that families are proud to call home.


Moving assistance and resources

At Corvias Property Management, we will make every effort to make your move as convenient as possible. We hope the resources listed below provide you the information necessary to have a smooth and easy move. Please contact us if you need assistance. We’re here to serve you!

Army resources
Other services

Army resources

Post Information: 334-255-1110
Visitor Center: 334-255-0607
Finance Office:334-255-3939
Post Office: 800-275-8777
Army Community Services (ACS): 334-255-3161
Army Transportation Office: 334-255-9842
In/Out Processing: 334-255-1814
ID Cards / DEERS: 334-255-2182
School Liaison: 334-255-9812
Child & Youth Services: 334-255-3925
CYS Parent Center:334-255-9638
Youth Center: 334-255-2271
Veterinary Clinic:334-255-9061
IHG Hotel/Lodging: 334-598-5216


Cable & Internet Providers


BAH calculator

How does basic allowance for housing (BAH) work?

Active-duty service members may pay rent each month by automatic allotment. How easy is that? Active-duty service members may set up an allotments in two different ways:

  • 1
  • Allotments may be collected and managed by Military Assistance Company (MAC)*, an allotment management contractor who works for the Army

  • 2
  • You may choose a discretionary allotment through your bank or credit union.


If you move in after the first of the month your first month's rent is pro-rated. For active-duty service members, rent by automatic allotment is paid on the first day of the following month (in arrears). So, the payment for the current month will be paid on the first day of the next month. This transaction will appear on your Leave and Earning Statement (LES). This is different than how rent payments are traditionally made off post.

Stopping a rent allotment upon move out is as easy as starting it. Once Corvias has officially cleared an active-duty resident and any charges for damages beyond normal wear and tear have been paid, the allotment will be stopped. After move-out, any refund due will be made within 10 business days after Corvias receives the allotment for the last month's rent.

The rent payment process is designed to be smooth and seamless. For active-duty service members, if the BAH does not appear on the LES or if the allotment is not collected, the service member should contact the local community office immediately. If the rent money is not taken out by allotment, the service member will be responsible for paying rent in certified funds until the problem is corrected.

*MAC has been processing military allotments since 1985 and serves military housing offices in all branches of service. The MAC payment system is fully automated and is interfaced with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). This system facilitates starting, managing, tracking, updating and stopping BAH allotments. This system is for Active Duty Service Members.

We are here to help!

We understand that the application process can be stressful, so be sure to review our FAQs to help ease you through it! Feel free to contact our staff at any time if you have any additional questions or if you have any special housing requirements so we can work to best accommodate your family's needs.